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Tana flora is the first income generating company of Gafat Endowment which is established in February 2008 and engaged in the production of flowers, vegetables and fruits, located near Bahir Dar city, Wonjeta kebele. The company is now producing flowers on 36 hectares of land and avocado fruit on 34.5 hectares of land. The company has a mission of engaging in untouched investment fields in the region, mainly in flowers, vegetables and fruits, protecting the safety of the environment, creating job opportunities for citizens, bringing knowledge and technology transfer.


Flower Production

  •  Producing and exporting flower products

Avocado Production

  •    Producing and exporting avocado products


Social Responsibility

  •   Social responsibility for the local community 
  • creating job opportunities for citizens 
  •  Bringing knowledge and technology transfer.