About Us

Tana flora which is one of amongst the four company owned by Gafat Endowment began its operations in 2008 G.C. The farm was started with one major goal, to grow and export the highest quality fresh cut roses to customers around the world. The Tana flora motto which says, “Quality, Consistency and Trust worthy to the world and responsible to the local community” is indeed true and factual as the farm in the last eight years has established itself as one of the flower exporters from Ethiopia.

Tana Flora always places maximum efforts in ensuring that all of the roses produced attain the desired market quality. Therefore an efficient system of controls has been placed to ensure all aspects of growing, harvesting, processing and packing are followed. The controls begin right from variety selection, production in the green houses, the grading halls and the cold store area.

The farm also has an added advantage of having close proximity to the airport. This is in addition to the farm investing in a reliable and efficient transport system that consists of four refrigerated trucks to transport the flowers. These assure that its customers always receive fresh roses without any delays.


“Quality, Consistency and Trust worthy to the world and responsible to the local community”

The company works with a plan on how much flower stalks should be produced in the production houses, and is also working on disease prevention as well as efficient utilization of resource. The company is exporting its products to Europe, Middle East, Korea and rarely do they sell domestically that cannot meet European standards. Therefore, every month, the company makes an assessment about the needs of these customers and announces the amount of flower production that it can supply to its customers. To implement this and participate widely in the international flower, vegetable and fruit market the company has able to obtained international certificates.